The CCNP certification serve as a launching pad to almost any career in networking.

CCNP certification

CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)

A Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) is a person in the IT industry who has achieved the professional level of Cisco Career Certification.

The CCNP is a an advanced certification that requires a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of WANs and LANs, and how they work together. The CCNP certification is intended for professionals seeking specialized training programs in implementing, maintaining, and planning Cisco’s wide range of high-end network solution products.


Cisco CCNP Security (short course)

Our Cisco Certified Network Professional certification course can serve as a launching pad to almost any career in networking, providing a rock solid knowledge base from which to build upon. With numerous options for customization of your individual certification, your area of expertise can be as broad or narrow as you wish, giving you greater flexibility over your career.

Cisco Career Certification Track


More information about the course

The CCNP certification curriculum consists of many different courses, which cover the basics of IT networking. Some of these include:

  • Cisco remote access
  • Cisco advanced routing
  • Cisco multilayer switching
  • Converged network optimization
  • Scalable internet works

Professionals who choose this certification program are trained to troubleshoot, install, and maintain both wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN) for systems between 100 and 500 nodes. In this certification program, students also gain expertise in a wide range of network features and protocols, including Route Redistribution, Access Lists, Ethernet, and AppleTalk.

During the certification course, the primary focus is preparing professionals for the CCNP examination. A series of practice exams are conducted to test the student’s understanding, and knowledge of Cisco’s IP switched network and IP routing technologies. These tests also measure the student’s ability to troubleshoot, test, and maintain various techniques.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum knowledge prerequisite

Before February 2020 relevant entry-level certifications needed to be passed in advance if a candidate wanted to attempt the professional level exams. Starting February 2020, no entry-level certification is be required to attempt the CCNP exams. However, candidates for CCNP exam often also have three to five years of experience implementing enterprise network solutions.

  • Minimum system requirements

You’re required to have a Windows-based PC or laptop with internet connection if you wish to study the material outside the University’s premises.