Sofia Metropolitan College

Mission, Vision and Goals


Sofia Metropolitan College is a Higher Education provider that values excellence in teaching and service.
The Undergraduate, Postgraduate and short-courses that we offer are designed to motivate students to develop fully their potential and overcome any barriers and difficulties they may face. Our mission is to equip students with all the tangible and intangible skills needed for successful career progression in various fields.

This is reflected in our teaching methods where theory is precisely balanced with practice allowing individuals to continuously learn and overcome challenges.

Sofia Metropolitan College is committed to diversity, international perspectives, community and regional service. It strives to create a safe and secure environment in which students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds can develop interests, skills, and talents to the fullest extent.


The academic, administration staff and students of Sofia Metropolitan College are committed to achieving excellence. Sofia Metropolitan College maintains an intimate learning environment for undergraduates as well as integrating teaching and mentoring with research and services

Sofia Metropolitan College promotes and engages in high-quality undergraduate and master’s focused graduate education. Sofia Metropolitan College will provide secure and attractive premises, encourage intellectual and cultural diversity, foster regional engagement, and value individual growth and development.

Sofia Metropolitan College will prepare its graduates for a lifetime of learning, achievement and service for the betterment of self and community.

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