Scholarship for Ukrainian talents – (Part I)

Sofia Metropolitan College is committed do support talented Ukrainian students through their academic
journey and help them achieve their goals. We are proud to offer 20 exclusive scholarships for up to 3500 euros over the next 2024 intake for undergraduate and postgraduate students from Ukraine whose safety is at risk.
These scholarships alleviate financial burdens, allowing you to focus on your studies and plan for your bright future!

Scholarships are not automatically granted to all individuals who apply, but rather awarded after a
comprehensive assessment of each candidate’s qualifications and achievements. The scholarships are available for new students entering the College in February and October 2024 intakes.

Who can apply?

Our scholarships are intended to support Ukrainian nationals at risk and fleeing armed conflict. To apply, you must:
· be a Ukrainian national.
· be able to evidence that you meet the entry requirements for your chosen course, including English
language requirements.
· Scholarships will be offered as a discount from the deposit payment and one scholarship is available
only one time per academic year.
· This scholarship can’t be combined with any other available scholarship currently offered by Sofia
Metropolitan College.

How to apply?

To apply for the scholarship, you must have applied to study at Sofia Metropolitan College by the
application deadline for each intake.
· You can apply for the scholarship before you have an academic offer for study, but you must have
received an academic offer two months prior to the start of the academic year.

Assessment criteria

· We will consider providing the scholarships in the order in which applications are received.
· When reviewing scholarship applications, the College will consider whether applicants meet the entry
criteria before confirming the scholarship.

Academic qualification
Please check carefully our Academic Requirements. Be aware that additional documents might be required in specific cases.

English Language Requirements
Please check carefully our English Requirements and recognized qualifications, concerning the programs we are offering.

Stay tuned for “Part II”